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Eclipso 25 Special Version
I totally forgot that I made another version of this episode! lol. This version made some changes to the fight scene and tried to make some improvements in certain areas. I remember making this about a year after the show was over.
More unused assets
These are more unused character models. I just found these and I guess their different versions that I had thought about using. I'm not sure. It's been too long for me to remember.
Eclipso Episode 2 Deleted scene 2
While kidnapping young Link, Eclipso displays his ability to freeze people in place. You'll notice that Eclipso and John still have the Hero Returns version of hair. Even Eclipso's face is different. This was very very early so I had not even worked out what their hair was going to look like.
Eclipso Episode 2 Deleted scenes 1
In Episode 2 Dark Marina kidnaps young Link, but originally I had Eclipso himself kidnap young Link. There were several reasons why I changed this. Even back then I realized this was silly to do. Eclipso has a lot of servants to do this sort of thing for him so it seemed really stupid to have him do it himself. I wanted to keep his face covered, but even then it looked ridiculous. It was not a good reveal and it wasn't really in character for what I had in mind. 

None of it worked so I had to change it.
Marina and John take a bath
I think this was supposed to come after Marina puts young Link to bed. This scene wasn't animated so I don't remember why I cut it or if was supposed to be a change in location of their conversation in Episode 2.


United States
Hello! This is SpikerMan87 on a new account called CooloEclipso where as you may have guessed this account will soon hold all the episodes for the series Coolo Eclipso, if you don't know this is the second series I made back a long time ago and it's based off the Zelda game Ocarina of Time, please visit the website

for more details and I hope you enjoy the show as it's released.


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